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February 10, 2013

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My tiny Petunia is now one! Thirteen-and-a-half months, that is.

She’s not walking, but she’s chatting up a storm – very much the pattern with my babies.


She’s not so sure about this whole camera business.


Oh my, why do you have such big teeth?



_DSC0024 copy

The really neat thing about having children six year apart is that they are growing teeth at the same time! For an Anthroposophist inside me, this is a pretty powerful experience.


“Lookie what my mom made!”


The little guy is about to start playschool-type-thing for a couple of mornings a week. He’s getting a bit of a cabin fever at home.


In other news, I’ve just finally organized my yarn, fabrics, and my kids’ embroidery stuff.


Why, yes, I buy cheap yarn.


This is an easy scarf I am knitting for my son. This pattern is so lovely – and extremely easy for a beginner like me.


Here are the rainbow jelly roll strips, waiting to be turned into a quilt for Josie. I’ve actually pre-washed them so the final quilt is flat rather than puckered (is this the right word?). All forty of them.


Meanwhile, my seamstress skills are growing rapidly. Like REALLY rapidly. So much so, that I’ve stepped up to completely outfit my daugther’s first-grade class for their class play. While I found most of the costumes ready-made in the school stash, I still ended up sewing about 10 different things and mended nearly every garment that I had found, as well as washed and pressed everything. I also crocheted eight red balls to stand in for apples used in the play. While the costumes were absolutely elementary, it was a biggish project for me, but I had the time, the skills, and the tools, and decided to not delegate any of it. I think everything turned out quite nicely, and my girl got to feel proud of her mom. It was an ego trip of a lifetime!

And how was your week?

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1 Nina February 10, 2013 at 7:26 pm

Great photos, beautiful kids! I will look forward to seeing the quilt.

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