The Newervore Dilemma

November 28, 2012

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My husband is out of town for two weeks (which, for the record, is the shortest of his many longer trips so far), and I am for the moment being all things to all the people and barn animals around here. And while being alone is something I very much enjoy, filling my husband’s and my regular shoes makes me feel like this:

(I know Jacob is gonna love this one.)

Here are some of the highlights of this experience:


My Red Room of Laundry: help!!

My Red Room of Laundry. I am understaffed, man! It’s been washed and is waiting for Godot to be put away.

2. With Jake gone, I have to take my big girl to school in the mornings, with my two little ones in tow. It is never easy to rise from my bed, but the whole thing began to go a whole lot smoother after I accepted two simple truths:

a. Lay the no-cook breakfast materials out the night before so the kids can feed themselves.

b. Be just a tad late like everyone else. On-time is a lonely time in this town!

3. This is my husband’s first trip since I got a dog, and it is making all the difference – no more imaginary cougars hiding in my hay barn!


Mama's little angel!

My precious angel has been chatting up a storm, with a grand vocabulary of “mama, am/ami (eat),” “nurse (= drink from a variety of sources, human and otherwise),” “Olive” (the dog), and “hi”! This is the first of my children to say “mama” as her first word – both Josie’s and Cyrus’ first word was “cat.” You can tell there’s been a paradigm shift in the pet department!


My sewing supplies - all organized. Keep the 3 year old away!!!!!

I’ve organized our sewing/crafting supplies! I am very pleased with this.

My sewing machine table - how uncluttered of me!

This is where I’m now going to sew – for a number of years, this table had served as our dinner table – a hand-me-down from my in-laws, which we recently replaced with another hand-me-down from the same source. My future as a Martha Stewart is just around the corner!

6. I made venison jerky this past week. Then I did done (mostly) ate it, having failed the moral test of saving most of it for my kids. Luckily, they don’t enjoy it quite as much as I do.

(Also, I am pretty sure that the good God made deer without marbling for my personal benefit!)

7. My friends were going to come over for breakfast tomorrow, and, due to my circumstances, I asked them not to expect any of the following:

(You see, my husband is the primary dish-washer at our dishwasher-less house!)

8. I own a pitchfork. I use it, too.

9. My glass is always half-full, man. I might be understaffed, but hey, there could be three feet of snow to shovel or cow escapes!

10. Our dog is new, and in the context of explaining to my son what foods we could or couldn’t feed her, I did an utterly un-Waldorfian thing and introduced him to the differences between carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores. “So which kind do you think we are?” I asked him. His reply: “Newervores!!!” The good Herr Doktor knew what he was talking about when he insisted on keeping scientific models out of little ones’ minds. It’s all fairy world out there!


1 trish dougherty November 29, 2012 at 10:01 am

good read, Sofya!

2 Christina December 6, 2012 at 8:25 pm


Hi, this is Christina, Jacob’s host. I’m glad to see you’ve been getting along just fine. When Jacob first told me about your blog, I had this fun idea that I could post here what I’d been feeding him, etc. Alas, life was far too busy for that! I’m excited to read your deer butchering posts and all kinds of other things soon. And I’ll be sharing your blog address w/ some of my female relatives who enjoy hunting and homemaking and other interesting combinations. : )

Jacob has been a delight and we’ve enjoyed having him here. I’m sure you’ll be glad to have him back. : )

3 Sofya December 7, 2012 at 6:10 pm

Thanks, Christina – with ample family help I always do! But it sure is nice to have an extra pair of hands! Glad you enjoyed hosting him! He has loved it there!

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