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November 21, 2012

in Family & Friends, Near and Far

Not sure how about you, but I’ve had a crazy couple of weeks. Not only was blogging not a priority, I feel like I have hardly had the chance to come up for air.

Check out my bourgeois trim!

1. First, we had windows replaced in our house while we stayed with my in-laws. Very Old-Country experience, I might add! We had hired nice ladies to come and clean the house for us before we moved back in. Then it was glorious!

A new family member. Welcome, Olive!!

2. We have a new dog, who is absolutely amazing – a spayed, three-and-a-half-year-old female golden retriever and lab mix, Olive came from a friend who recently moved to town. She’s a wonderful farm companion to my kids and me, and I really think that our homestead was incomplete without her. Begone, thieving racoons! No more irrational fear of encountering a wild animal in the barn!

And she’s better behaved than my kids!

Hilariously, Olive-the-Other-Reindeer’s tags jingle like sleigh bells when she approaches.

Candy! Or is it witches' broth?

3. Also, I’ve recently picked up black magic!

Just kidding. I’ve recently picked up hard-candy making and it’s the syrup bubbling away to the happy hard-crack stage. Looks like some witches’ elixir though, doesn’t it.

4. You know yer in Wisconsin when you call a business on Friday before the opening day and they tell you that they can’t do anything till Monday cause it’s, ya know, the dear season and all.

Cyrus' vision of his dad shooting a deer in the woods. He's like them cave-carving hunter-gatheres.

This is the drawing my three-year-old son made of his dad shooting a deer in the woods (notice the blaze orange clothing). He made it before the season, like them cave-carving hunter-gatherers. It came true, too.

5. Good-bye, Twilight. It’s been a good five years.

6. For over three decades my father-in-law has hosted a big deer-camp over at his farm, known as “Dawn’s Gone Hunting Club” because it begins with my mother-in-law, Dawn, leaving for the entire weekend.

Because my sister-in-law Julia is only a couple of weeks away from having her second baby, Dawn didn’t want to travel far, and invited Julia and I to stay at a hotel with her in the closest city of 50,000 for the duration of the camp. Among the good clean fun like splashing in the pool (no pun intended) and going to the children’s museum, the kids got to watch TV and eat multi-colored sugar cereal provided with the hotel breakfast.

7. Speaking of TV – while channel-surfing at the hotel, I stumbled upon a reality show about a Hutterite Colony in rural Montana (Hutterites are anabaptists like the Amish and the Menonites, differing from the latter two through their communal way of living). Like any rural folk, they do things like butcher deer, make jerky, kill and process chickens, fix machinery, and are not that much different from the well-familiar back-to-the-landers.

8. While in the city, Dawn took us and a few of her friends to the most amazing restaurant called Traditions. It is this small, cozy place with some fabulous food, complete with complicated reductions and incredibly-tasty desserts. It was there that I encountered chocolate terrine for the first time. Have you ever heard of it? It’s basically like a chilled flourless chocolate cake but without the whipped whites folded in. Have you ever tried it?

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1 Mike Peterson December 5, 2012 at 10:20 am

Great site you have. Your borscht recipe looks like the best yet.

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